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Deregulated energy is bringing freedom to the electricity market. We help you achieve

The deregulated US energy markets have created opportunities for companies to purchase wholesale electricity
based on specific usage patterns – and at competitive prices. Deregulated market participants – like Community
Choice Energy groups, Direct Access consumers and certain industries – are able to tailor their purchasing
strategies to align their risk tolerance with their energy needs.

To facilitate these transactions, market participants must select an energy service provider (ESP). Some ESPs sell
only energy that has been produced by their own generation units. Some ESPs will purchase energy for their
own portfolio and resell the energy back to their clients. Pilot Power Group provides its clients with all available
options for energy. We’re source-agnostic, and price-friendly. Our incentive-free approach offers true flexibility
and market competition to our clients.

Pilot Power Group offers a unique and independent business model to provide our clients with the endless
opportunities of a deregulated market. We do not own generation, nor do we have any incentive for our
customers to pick one supplier over another. Our fees are transaction-based, rather than commission-based,
allowing our customers the freedom to purchase supply and market products from one or many suppliers.

You can choose a standard supply product, using a block or shaped curve with either a fixed price or a price
based on the market rate. Or, you may choose to control your risk through a bandwidth or heat rate product.
Alternatively, Pilot Power Group will work with you to create your custom purchasing strategy. If you have any
questions relating to these products, please feel free to contact us!