Empowering Communities

Providing communities with market alternatives to investor-owned utility energy.
Community Choice Energy (CCE) is emerging as a force in the deregulated energy market, delivering the power
to choose the type of energy communities purchase and consume. CCEs can now choose where their power
comes from, the rate they pay for it, and how it is distributed. We help CCEs identify and negotiate the energy
options for their individual needs, whether it’s procuring energy from clean sources like wind and solar, or
capturing market prices that allow CCEs to reallocate energy savings to other community projects. Pilot Power
Group helps CCEs research, negotiate, and purchase power options that meet their needs and goals – and put
power back in the community’s hands.

What is Community Choice Energy?

Community Choice Energy or CCE is a program available to cities, counties, and special districts to aggregate
electricity load and purchases and/or generate electricity for their residents and businesses within their borders.
Under CCE, the utility continues to deliver the electricity through its transmission and distribution system and
provide meter reading, billing, maintenance, customer service, and outage response services.

Benefits of CCE in Your Community

  • CCE provides the community the flexibility to obtain a higher percentage of cleaner and renewable energy
    than the investor-owned utility can provide
  • CCE provides access to competitive pricing and lower cost electricity
  • CCE continues to partner with the local utility, who continues to maintain and deliver the electricity to each
    account with the reliability we all count on
  • CCE positively impacts the local economy though shifting surplus revenue from the utility to the community
    and support job growth, rate deductions, and fostering local business build out
  • CCE provides local control over energy rates the community residents and businesses pay, not the utility