Powering the World’s Greatest Force

We help the U.S. military and defense industry plan and purchase the energy needed to protect our way of life.
The world’s greatest military and defense agencies are a sum of their parts. Each cog in the wheel must move efficiently and effectively for the whole to be successful. It takes planning, foresight and experience to achieve success. Energy is no different. We help the defense industry create and execute innovative energy plans – including the use of clean energy technology – that keep ships moving, forces powered, and danger mitigated. Pilot Power Group has vast experience working with clients that use extremely large loads. Our obsessive attention to detail and years of defense industry experience have helped us gain the confidence of our biggest defense clients. We maintain strict controls over data and account information to ensure validity and confidentiality, and provide the visibility and transparency required to administer and audit portfolios. Our dedication to excellence in accuracy and professionalism is what our clients expect – and we deliver.